Brisbane Boat Show 2018

The Brisbane Boat Show is on August 24-26 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and is a great place to discover a plethora of different watercraft all in the one place. From entry level anglers to those who have been on the water all their lives, there really is something to suit all levels of the water-lover.

We focus on five very different vessels, most of which can be launched straight off the sand.

Hobie Eclipse Pedal Board

It’s a stand up paddle board and cross trainer in one! These incredibly stable but light boards have a handlebar steering system for an added feeling of reassurance. The pedals are connected to fins underneath the board so the faster you pedal, the quicker you move.

2018 RXT-X 300 Jet Ski

One for the action lovers, this jet ski is next level. Aside from what you’d normally expect of a jet ski, there are lots of added benefits like a new industry standard for stability, plenty of room onboard, ingenious storage solutions and you can even play music while you ride.

Stessco 440 Renegade

At just over 4.5 metres in length, this all round purpose boat is very much catered to the family but also includes plenty of extra features aimed at the keen fisherman.

Super Air Nautique GS20

Climbing up to the more premium level, this 20 foot multi-sport tow boat has all the bells and whistles for the eager wake surfer, boarder and skier. Our favourite feature is the rear view camera giving the driver an awareness of what’s happening behind the boat.

Sealegs 7.7 Sport D-Tube

This all aluminium hulled amphibious craft makes boating life a lot easier completely taking away the need for a boat ramp and occasionally even a trailer! Fitted with hydraulic legs and wheels, you can spend less time getting on and off the water, to spend more time actually on the water.

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