Fish & Tips – 23 August

Today we swapped Scotty’s man cave (back on the Sunshine Coast) and came to you LIVE with the third episode of Fish & Tips at The Strand (near the Surf Club) in Townsville… and yes, he brought Mary the Crab from home with him!

After a big day chasing mackerel yesterday, we made sure The Big Man had a good night’s sleep so we could head down to Strand Park to set up today’s Fish & Tip’s live bright and early.

This morning we heard from:

  • Simon, who asked “What are you doing in Townsville?” and “How many ways are there to catch Mackerel?”
  • Brett, who asked “Are you heading to the Brisbane Boat Show?”
  • Carole, who asked “Are your calf muscles real or implants?”
  • Brendan, who asked “How do you film the show?”
  • Alex, who asked “What lures do you use for coral trout?”
  • Michael, who asked “Will Creek to Coast ever go to New Zealand again?”
  • Ben, who asked “What’s your favourite reef fishing location?”
  • Zac, who asked “Where were you filming yesterday?”

So watch the above to find out what the answers are, and tune in for another exciting episode next Thursday the 6th September at 06:00… we may even be on location again, so stay tuned to find out where we’ll be and you can come and join Scotty live. If you do have any questions, please send them through via Facebook messenger and we’ll make sure to pass them on.

Hint… Scotty’s calf muscles are… REAL!

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