Rainbow Beach Camping Dip Dinner

To get from the beach entry point at Rainbow Beach down to the first of Teewah’s camp sites takes roughly an hour.

Here, Sally whips up a simple yet substantial meal – after all who wants to be slaving away over the kitchen after a camp site set up!


A perfect and fun idea for the first night of a camping trip or any holiday.

Pour a cold drink…jazz up the dip platter…and you’re all sorted!

    • Taramasalata (store bought)
    • Fresh seafood eg. Diced firm fish fillets or chunks of prawn meat
    • Lemon flavoured olive oil
    • Sliced garlic
    • Fresh thyme
    • Marinated olives
    • Baby cucumbers, finely sliced
    • Red radish, finely sliced
    • Cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
    • Pita bread
  • Marinate seafood in oil, garlic and thyme. (You could do this before you leave home.)
  • Heat up the bbq or a pan.
  • Cut pita into wedges and wrap loosely in foil.
  • Place foil package onto heat to gently warm pita bread.
  • Meanwhile, prepare all vegetables.
  • Generously dollop and smear taramasalata onto a serving platter.
  • Arrange vegetables, seafood and pita around taramasalata.
  • Guests can pile dip, seafood and salad vegetables onto wedges of pita. Enjoy!

This idea adapts to any of your favourite dips. Try hummus, Baba Ganoush or even good old French Onion. Add splashes of pesto or to make it even more substantial, add tinned dolmades.

To take the Isuzu MU-X for a beach drive of your own, visit your nearest showroom or head to the Isuzu Ute website for more information.

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