The Long Drive for Drought

It’s an icon of the bush – The 40 Series Landcruiser -for over 60 years it’s been a staple of the Australian outback and the most iconic 4X4 in Australia. A stoic, venerable off-roader has weathered the most brutal conditions and like the communities its served has stood the test of time.

Over 8 nights, 18 towns, nearly 3,000 kilometers the Long Drive for Drought will tour through the outback, supporting drought-stricken Queensland communities, raising funds for Drought Angels.

Brent Reeman, Long Drive for Drought founder says it’s a special event that helps a great cause –  “You’ve probably never seen 40 or 50 blokes,  drop their sunglasses so quickly because,  they’re tearing up.

When we stop at a place and the people talk about how important it is for us to be out there with them. But really, it’s about the fun that we have and and the mateship and the camaraderie that we have, not just with the group but also with the communities we go to as well.

I think that’s the thing that’s made it so special is that response we get from the communities.”

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