Camping North Stradbroke Island

Andrew visits North Stradbroke Island to learn why it’s such a popular destination for campers. He meets two campers at Main Beach and takes them to visit the little known ‘Keyholes’, a collection of lakes behind the dunes.

Camping at North Stradbroke Island is easy to do, thanks to Straddie Camping. They run campgrounds at Amity, Point Lookout and Dunwich. Beach camping on Flinders and Main Beach is also available through them.

Stradbroke Ferries offers regular ferry services from Cleveland to Dunwich. Travelers can walk on walk or off or take their vehicles on board.

Straddie Camping
1 Junner Street, Dunwich
3409 9668

Stradbroke Ferries
2 Junner Street, Dunwich
3488 5300

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