Cape York Adventure Prep

Cape York is firmly cemented at the top of Australia’s best four-wheel driving destinations.

The wild, rich landscapes of The Cape offer so much for touring four-wheel drives to enjoy. River crossing are abundant as well as plenty of dips, drop-offs and climbs that will whet the appetites of anyone even remotely into the off-road lifestyle.

A trip to The Cape takes much more preparation than just plugging into the GPS, packing a bag and setting off. If you want to tackle the rough stuff, you’ll need a vehicle that is capable.

Lachlan Brosnan is from ARB, and reckons he needs a third hand to count how many times he’s been to the Cape! A bit of advice from him.

“Making sure your car is up to the task is number 1. So the very basics, a good set of tyres, a good suspension system, and have a look at what you take. So the more stuff you take, the more it weighs, the heavier your car gets. That means the tougher it’s going to be on everything…We want to make sure whatever we do to the car is beneficial to you and the vehicle”

You can upskill your own Cape York adventure by heading into your local ARB store.

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