Tips for Hitting the Road with a Caravan

We’ve come across plenty of fellow travellers on our Creek to Coast adventures.

From us Queenslanders, to our interstate mates travelling north to see what this great state is all about.

Of late, caravanning has opened up the country, and we asked a few travellers what they love about it.

“We just love everything. It’s just free, you can stop wherever you want. You meet lots of lovely people and we go to such lovely areas.”

“You get to sit around with people, meet people enjoy the country we live in.”

If you’re new to the Caravanning world, you’ll find a load of road trip itineraries, tips and tricks right here on our website…and we asked a couple of newbies to share what they’ve learnt.

“Have a little once-over of the van. Do that once-over, make sure everything is running, make sure everything is packed.”

“I think the one great tip is stopping to rest, not doing too long a trip, make sure you have plenty of breaks. Don’t be on the road too long. Especially when you’re towing.”

Our mates at Maccas can help you out with that – whether you stop to fuel up the car and the body at a service centre, or grab a coffee to stay alert on the road, you’ll find locations all over Queensland!

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