Creek Quiz: Wildlife HQ

Australia has some of the worlds most unique native animals. Of course we have our heroes like the Kangaroo, Koala, Emu and Platypus, but then there are others like the Tassie Devil, Freshwater Crocodile and even Tree Kangaroos that are just awesome.

Olivia pays a visit to Wildlife HQ on the Sunshine Coast to get a little more info on a few of those latter native fauna.

Here’s a good one, did you know that the Freshwater Crocodiles (or Freshies to their mates) can go through more than two and a half THOUSAND teeth in their lifetime. Wild isn’t it!

Another fun fact, or more heartwarming, is that although Tasmanian Devils have an average life expectancy of five years in the wild, there is evidence arising of great success of their breeding in the wild!

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And make your way to Wildlife HQ for yourself to it out for yourself.

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