Diesel Care Toowoomba

Cars are machines designed to get you from A to B, but some can hold a little more sentimental value, like Dolly. Dolly is a 84 Landcruiser, and in need of some specialist attention. Roger drives her out to Diesel Care in Toowoomba, who are experts when it comes tuning mechanical diesel systems, like that found under the bonnet of Dolly.

To work out just how much power Dolly has, Diesel Care put her onto their dyno tune, which allows them to measure things like torque and kilowatt power with extreme accuracy.

After getting their base line for power, they run through the entire fuel system. The first thing the boys are doing are remove the fuel injectors to test their performance, they are then pulled apart and placed into the ultrasonic cleaners.

While the injectors are given the royal treatment, they also check the out the timing of the injection pump, to make sure fuel is being added to the cylinder at just the right time. They also inspect are the intel strainer and governor diaphragm.

Once they worked their magic, Dolly’s performance improved by 30%. If your truck needs a tune up like Dolly, head to Diesel Care’s website to find the workshop closest to you.

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