Where to caravan and camp over Easter

If you’re a keen caravanner or camper, then it’s kind of bible to head away for Easter. And why wouldn’t you? The weather is mild, the kids are on holidays, and there’s no shortage of places to soak up some much-needed sunshine!

But come holiday season, comes more traffic on the roads. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or first timer… a few tips for a safe journey never go astray! Here’s what some words of advice shared with us in the video below.

What’s your number one tip when on the road?

  • Always carry a recovery kit that contains (at minimum) a snatch strap, recovery pullies (plus car winch), and max trax
  • Have a good look over your van. Check your tyres, make sure you get your weight right, and don’t be trying to overload your caravan and take too much away with you
  • Book all your camp sites early… particularly when travelling to popular tourist destinations. Don’t just rock up and expect a spot
  • Stop Revive Survive: Pull over every 1-2 hours when on the road and have a good stretch

Plus, if you’ve got a fur baby – there’s no reason to leave them at home! In Queensland, there are a tonne of dog-friendly parks.

It’s always good to check before booking – but one where your pooches will be highly pampered is at Big4 Gold Coast. Be sure to lock in your holiday there now!

For more general caravanning tips, head to Caravanning Queensland’s website.

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