Electric Dreams Exhibition

The future of EVs is rather exciting. Gone are the days when an electric car would need charging every hundred kilometres. With advances in battery technologies coupled with fast charging stations that can be operated from your smartphone, the future is here now, and it’s electrifying!

While Tesla was the market standard for EVs for a long time, other companies have caught up and are producing amazing vehicles. Polestar is one such company with refined cars on the Australian market right now.

There are also Aussie-based companies making commercial vehicles electrifying for the first time! Ace EV is a company based out of Hervey Bay that are bringing the humble tradie into the future with an exciting range of EV-based commercial vehicles.

Greg McGarvie is the very proud founder of the company and is all for the future of electric-powered transport.

“Well I’m a marine biologist …So my focus really was what we can do to take pressure off the reef.”

“Now you can run one of these vehicles at home, off a powerpoint and it will cost you around $3.60 per 100km”

BUT, it’s not just electric cars and trucks that we should be getting excited about. The Scooter market has gone absolutely bonkers over the last few years, with companies like Scooter Hut jumping on the bandwagon and supplying the nation with a raft of battery-powered, two-wheeled fun machines!

“The future of these, they’ll get lighter, more powerful, bigger range…so we could go into wireless technology in terms of charging, it will be revolutionary,” says Adrian Fowler from Scooter Hut.

Finally, for you water babies, you can’t go past a Waydoo – think of it as an electric surfboard that sits a bit less than a metre out of the water. Trust us, you’re going to want to check this thing out!

If you’re in Brisbane and are intrigued by all things EV, then put July 2 and 3 into your diaries. Electric Dreams is an expo coming up at the Brisbane Showgrounds soon! With hundreds of exhibitors, all doing amazing things in the EV space, it’s the place to be. Grab your tickets NOW!  

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