Exploring Magnetic Island by 4WD

Ever been to paradise? Magnetic Island, or Maggie as the 2,500 locals affectionately know it, comes pretty close.

Townsville is the gateway and the ferry across is only 40 minutes with Magnetic Island Ferries. You can take a passenger or vehicle ferry.

The island, which is 11 kilometres at its widest point, is all about nature. In fact, it sits within the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

It’s also home to a thriving koala population so it’s not a rare sight to see one or two on the many walking trails the island has to offer (Maggie Island is a bush walker’s haven).

When it comes to accommodation, another one for the koala lovers, is Bungalow Bay Koala Village — with its own onsite koala park.

A standout activity here is breakfast with the koalas where you can sit in an outdoor area and enjoy a gourmet breakfast while being greeted by native Aussie animals including… you guessed it… koalas!

Bungalow Bay offers bungalows, shared accommodation and campsites (it’s actually the only camping available on the island).

Onto the action — Magnetic Island isn’t well known as a 4WD destination, and that’s because there are really only two tracks – one of which is a hot topic at the moment for all the wrong reasons.

West Point 

Not a particularly challenging track, but a pretty one with some creek crossings to boot. Also the reward at the end if you time it with sunset it off the chart.

Radical Bay Road

This road is in a bad way due partly to the recent cyclones and also to reckless four wheel drivers. Currently it’s preferred that the road isn’t used until it’s been fixed up a little, but for those that do drive on it, there are ways to ensure it doesn’t cause any further damage.

For all the gear you’ll need to camp and 4WD on Magnetic Island, head to ARB Townsville to stock up!

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