An online fishing competition for the whole family

Fishing is Australia’s favourite pastime, and it’s also a wonderful tool for encouraging kids to spend time in the outdoors.  But if they need a bit more coaxing, then what about the opportunity to win some great prizes?

Film Fish is an online fishing competition that’s perfect for the whole family. After paying a monthly or annual membership, anglers simply measure their fish on a custom made brag mat; upload their pics to the Film Fish app, and share some details about their catch.

Every month the anglers with the biggest fish in 10 target species receive a $500 prize pack, and ANY entry – no matter the size or species – goes into the running for an amazing boat, motor and trailer package. That’s a boat every month!

David Moss is a fishing identity who is well known for the Shimano Reef Science Fishing Show. His involvement with Film Fish is motivated by a desire to ensure that recreational fishing remains sustainable. He wants to know more about species distribution,  population status, and waterways management.

He says, “when you upload your fish on the app that’s available now, we get the information and we put that into heat maps. It gives us scientific data that we can then use to promote our fishing and the health of our fishing and the future of our fishing.”

The best combo for kids who are starting out in fishing is a light rod with an egg beater or spin reel. Using an egg beater means that the line is threaded on for them and their soft plastic or bait will be nice and easy to cast.

Just take care (if they get onto a decent fish) that little fingers are kept well away from the braid.

And catch and release is a great sustainability message to share with little ones.

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