Fishing the Bremer River and Colleges Crossing in the City of Ipswich

With the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers flowing smack bang through the region, it’s fair to say the city of Ipswich certainly has a touch of fishing pedigree.

From backcountry creeks to wider more accessible spots, there’s something for everyone! Jack McCann is one of the council’s Waterway Health Officers, so it’s fair to say he spends a fair chunk of his days outdoors… which means he knows the region well, including a few hidden gems.

Joseph Brady Park is just one of them. It’s a great spot to bring the family and have a crack at fishing with your young ones. With a launch area for canoes and kayaks, you can fish from the banks or from the water.

Someone else who knows these spots well is local fisho, Matt. He’s an angler through and through and working at the local tackle shop means he knows this area pretty well too!

If you’re keen to give it a crack yourself, gear is simple. A long shank hook, half a metre of trace and a light sinker will do you just fine. Our target species was Bream, so a light 6 to 10-pound rod was perfect… all you need is a bag of prawns – budget fishing at its finest.

Another family favourite is Colleges Crossing. On any given day the area is bustling with families and fishermen alike. There’s also a range of different species… so, you’ll still get your Yellowfin Bream, but also freshwater species like Australian Bass and Garfish.

“So, because we’ve got that bit of vegetation, it keeps the bait up a little off that aquatic vegetation and using the float with a little bit of dough or a bit of bread is a really great way to catch the Garfish… it’s a great spot for a lot of small fish to live and to grow,” Jack said.

If you’re thinking of taking the family to either Colleges Crossing or Joseph Brady Park, then head to the Discover Ipswich website… they’ve got a list of other places where you can wet a line in the region!

If you do find yourself at Colleges Crossing, then check out Colleges by the River… great coffee, big burgers and a range of other goodies that’ll keep you going.

So, go on – give it a go – you’re only a 30-minute drive from Brisbane, which could mean only moments away from your little one landing their first fish.

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