Getabout Training Services

The last thing you want to do on a caravanning holiday is to get your pride and joy bogged. Of course, prevention is the best cure, but if you do happen to get into a sticky situation, Jeff, from Getabout Training Services has a few tips.

His first and most important – carry a full recovery kit and know how to use it.

“Definitely have your own gear and a full kit. A full kit normally includes a town rope, a winch extension strap. Snatch strap, tree trunk protector, shackles, pully safety gear obviously. Very key thing in a basic kit always have it with you.”

Jeff also recommends dropping your van’s tyre pressures to between 16 and 18PSI BEFORE getting on to the soft stuff. Dropping your pressures will certainly help to get you out of a bog, but again, having the correct pressures to begin with will save you all the pain and potential embarrassment!

Head to the Caravanning Queensland website to learn more about caravan recovery and to find details about booking a session with Jeff and Getabout Training Services.

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