Haggerstone Island Fishing

The famed Haggerstone Island is a destination that is on the “bucket list” for many an angler and adventure holiday seeker.

Based on the far reaches of Cape York Peninsula (on the Great Barrier Reef), it’s a wild paradise that really is a dream. Blues and turquoise that are vibrant with colour, endless raw natural beauty and the best thing – not a person in sight.

Closer to Port Moresby than Port Douglas, to get there is just a journey in itself – flying from Brisbane to Cairns, change at Cairns and fly to Weipa, from Weipa it’s into an even smaller tin can with wings, where you land on quite the bumpy dirt runway. From there it’s into the neighbour’s 4-wheeler for a derby around the island to jump on Haggerstone’s private fishing charter, where you’re ferried to the island itself!

And once you get there, you don’t want to leave. If not for the private, luxurious accommodation, if not for the stunning fresh seafood served everyday, but for the incredible monstrous fish that call these waters home. Click the above videos to relive one of Scotty’s best trips up north – the fish are just unbelievable.

For any of the gear we used, head to your local BCF store or shop online here.

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