Hitting Lake Somerset in our Isuzu D-Max

I’m sure there’s a fair few of us out there that love a day on the water. Queenslanders are very fortunate to have access to both quality offshore and inshore waterways. The many lakes and dams that are dotted up and down our state make for great fishing, swimming and watersports.

Spots like Moogerah and Sommerset are very popular for water skiing, which in turn, requires a bit of kit. Namely a boat.

Towing your pride and joy shouldn’t be taken lightly, which means you need a vehicle that is both capable and you have confidence in. Enter, the new Isuzu D-MAX.

Isuzu has put a load of work into the new, facelifted iteration of their classically reliable ute. Notably, the interior has been scaled up including a 9-inch screen and updated infotainment system. The D-MAX also has a raft of new safety features built-in, meaning you can tow your toys with peace of mind.

The 3-litre engine has had a boost in power and torque too, meaning it has plenty of guts to tow up to 3 tons with ease.

Isuzu are very proud of their new D-Max, and understandably so! Check one out in a showroom near you, or head to the Isuzu Ute Australia website to learn more.

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