Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing with Yachtshare

With our gorgeous weather, of course, Queenslanders love getting out on the water! Why wouldn’t we dream of sailing our beautiful coastline, why wouldn’t we dream of jumping aboard a magnificent sailing yacht? Well owning one might not just be a dream! Let us show you how…

If you’re a boatie, then thoughts like “I love cleaning my boat!”, “owning a boat is so affordable,” and “I have so much time to take out my boat!” have probably never crossed your mind.

Enter, Yachtshare – a small syndicated fleet of luxury motor and sailing yachts offering all the perks of ownership without the price tag and that pesky upkeep!

“For people that want to go sailing, it’s a really big step between not really knowing anything about boats to heading out to sea on your own. Instead, our crew do all the maintenance on the boat, so our shareowners just have all the fun,” Yachtshare Director, Anton Prange, said.

“They just use the boat; they learn how to sail – that’s a big learning curve in itself – is to learn how to sail or operate a boat without having to do all the maintenance behind it.”

 “People have a lot busier lives these days and don’t have time to look after a boat – so, our owners come down to the marina here, they all have a key to the boat – they hop on, the boat is cleaned every time they hop on board, they go out, have their fun, bring the boat back, and we look after the rest for them!”

One way to enjoy these gorgeous vessels is at a Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing better known as WAGS. Held weekly by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, WAGS is a great way for newbies wanting to give sailing a go, or in this case, Yachtshare owners rallying together to hone their skills!

As you can expect, the start of any yacht race is always the most exciting. It’s extremely important to hit the start time just right or you risk missing out on prime position. After that, it’s more of a glacial pace for the following hours. If the handicapper has done their job right, everyone should finish at the same time!

If you’re keen to join this bunch, head to the Yachtshare website to check out their current and upcoming syndicates to see how you can become part of the fleet and join in on a WAGS event down the track!

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