Holiday Caravanning Tips

JC from Sunseeker Caravans gives us his top tips on getting your caravan ready for your next big adventure.


One of the most important things is to make sure both your car and your caravan are serviced. Mechanically you want to make sure your caravan’s up to the task of getting you and your family to where you want to go safely and enjoyably.


Check your tyres pressures and make sure they’re correct. Make sure they have plenty of tread, and bearings is a big thing too. If you haven’t checked them for a while, get them tested, make sure they’re greased, and make sure they’re working correctly.

Hand Brake

Check your hand brake cable, and make sure it’s all in working order.

Check the Power System

It’s very important that we make sure that your power system in your caravan is working efficiently.

A big part of that is charging your batteries up before you head off and making sure they’re maintaining charge so that way when you get somewhere, you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Open and Close all Windows and Doors

You want to make sure that everything’s in tip-top condition so open all windows and doors, make sure the catches are working correctly so you don’t have a cupboard fly open while travelling.

Check all your locks, make sure that they’re operating with the keys correctly.

Really It’s just going through the entire van and making sure everything opens, closes and does what it’s supposed to do before you head off.

Lights and fittings

Back up to the van a week or two before you head off and just make sure your indicators are working, your brakes are coming on, your stop lights are working so you’re ready to go on the big day.

Screws and Bolts

Walk around and do a general screw tighten. Walk around with a handheld screwdriver, just check all your indicator lights too.

Ensure every nut, bolt and screw is tight because they can loosen off and they take a little while to bed in.

Jockey Wheel

Make sure your jockey wheel is winding up and down nice and freely.

Have a List

It’s important when you’re going away that you do have a pack up and set up checklist to make sure you know who’s responsible for what. Also, try not to get distracted. It’s amazing how many people will get in a conversation just as they’re hooking up to the van, drive off and their hand brake’s half on.

Make sure you double-check everything.

For any advice or if you want to download checklists, head to

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