How to make Weber-smoked crispy skin barramundi


1 cup damp wood chips – available from BBQ shops (Andrew uses hickory or mesquite)

2 X 200g skin-on Aussie barra fillet

Lemon pepper to taste

½ tsp dried chives

10 cherry tomatoes

2 shallots sliced

1tbs baby capers

100g butter

Juice of one lime


Heat an oiled frypan or flat grill. Dry barra skin well and place fillet skin side down on heat. Cook (without turning) until skin is crisp. Remove from heat (flesh will still be raw). Set aside.

Place a Weber convection baking sheet on a hot grill. Add woodchips and close the lid.

Season the flesh of the fish with lemon pepper and chives. When the woodchips are smoking, place the fish on the grill, skin side up and cook for five minutes or until just cooked through.

In a small saucepan, gently heat tomatoes, shallots, capers, butter and lime juice until butter is melted.

Divide tomatoes between bowls. Top with fish and spoon over spring onion and caper sauce.