Stay bright at night on the water

They call it the golden hour –  the shimmering light before dawn or that lingering glow beyond sunset.  And boaties love it!

You could be up early to go fishing or coming back late after a great day out cruising.

Either way, being on the water after dark means you need the right kind of lighting on board your boat.

When the sun switches off, make sure you switch on your navigation lights. They let other boaties know the kind of vessel you’re on and where you’re headed.  It’s also a good idea to turn them on when visibility is poor, even during daylight hours.

Make sure you keep some spare fuses and bulbs on board – in case things go haywire.

And, if all else fails, a good quality, working torch might be the light that leads you safely home.

For further enlightenment about these tips and many more, grab a copy of the Queensland Recreational Boating & Fishing Guide; visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website; or talk to your local Boating Industry Association member.

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