How to treat a jellyfish sting

There are plenty of myths when it comes to how to best deal with jellyfish bites.

To separate truth from fiction, a great place to visit is the Surf Life Saving Queensland website. It has plenty of tips on how to deal with various kinds of marine stingers.

Bluebottle Treatment – Keep the victim at rest, reassure and keep under constant observation. Do not allow rubbing of the stung area. Pick off any tentacles and rinse sting area well with seawater to remove invisible nematocysts.

Place the victim’s stung area in hot water for 20min, If local pain in unrelieved by heat, or if hot water is unavailable, apply a cold pack to the area

Box Jellyfish Treatment – DRSABCD, Reassure, Restrain anyone from rubbing the sting.  Apply liberal quantities of VINEGAR for a minimum of 30 seconds, Dry cold compress to relieve pain.

Call 000 for an ambulance and call lifesavers urgently for assistance, CPR as required

Irukandji Treatment –  DRSABCD, Reassure, Restrain anyone from rubbing the stung area. Gently apply a vinegar soaked pad to the stung area for a minimum of 30 seconds, Call 000 for an ambulance.

Stingrays – DRSABCD, Reassure.  Call 000 for an ambulance. HOT water immersion of the site to relieve pain, ensure that the water will not scald the casualty. Do not try to pull the barb out

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