Life Jackets Never Ruined a Day on the Water

Life-jackets have come a long way over the years – evolving from the downright ludicrous to lighter-weight, more wearable designs.

Most boaties remember the old yellow or orange “cheese-block” style PFD – and while they’re practical and easily to spot, the bulky shape can make a long day out on the water a little uncomfortable.

Modern personal floatation devices are so easy to put on and wear, sometimes you even forget you have one on!

But there are times when it’s mandatory: when you’re crossing a bar in an open boat that’s under 5 metres; when you’re water skiing, tubing or riding a jet ski; and when you’ve got kids under 12 in any open boat that’s underway.

By the way – as skipper, it’s your responsibility to make sure there are enough life-jackets on board for everyone. And remember, life jackets never ruined a day out on the water.

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