Look After Your Mates on the Water!

Want to make memories out on the water? All you need is a boat, some bait and a few like-minded buddies. But if you’re the skipper, the onus is on you to look after your mates while they’re on board!

Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Don’t let mates step on board the boat while they’re carrying gear – get them to hand it over to someone already on the boat.
  • Make sure no-one has too many drinks while they’re out on the water. Alcohol and water don’t mix!
  • Make sure there’s ample sun protection on board for you and your mates – sunscreen and maybe a spare hat or two.
  • Mates need to wear a life-jacket when crossing a bar – so make sure everyone has a PFD.
  • Conditions can change quickly – so, in the interests of looking after your mates, make sure you check the forecast before heading out. And if the weather does turn dodgy, head back in quickly and safely.

If you need more information, tips and help – grab a copy of the Queensland Recreational Boating & Fishing Guide; visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website; or talk to your local Boating Industry Association member.

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