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OzFish Unlimited x Landcare Australia

After the bushfires of January 2020 left their mark on parts of QLD, NSW and Victoria, many were left to clean up in their wake. From houses to bushland, and our waterways as well.

Bushfire can be very damaging to many native fish habitats. Renee Ferenc is from OzFish Unlimited, an Aussie organization dedicated to rebuilding and restoring our fish habitats. She details how devastating the 2020 bushfires were.

“A lot of the areas that were impacted by these fires the fires went all the way down to the waterway itself. So all of that great vegetation that the fish will feed off they feed off the vegetation but also the insects themselves all disappeared. What happened after that is a lot of that ash runs into the waterway and it turns the ash into sludge there’s no oxygen and the fish die.”

OzFish Unlimited have recently partnered with Landcare Australia, another organization who pride themselves on rehabilitating Aussie habitats. They plan to slowly rebuild many of the native fish habitats in Queensland, as well as parts of New South Wales and Victoria which all saw the destruction from bushfires.

You can donate to either OzFish or Landcare Australia by heading to their websites. You can also round up your purchase at any BCF store, with the extra being donated to OzFish.

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