Mater’s Cars for Cancer’s Biggest Draw Ever 

Mater’s Cars for Cancer is back, and they’re kicking off the year with a bang – their biggest prize draw ever! With over $350,000 in prizes, this is a chance to win big while contributing to a noble cause. 

A few weeks ago, Mater’s Ambassador, Boyd, took us on a tour of the impressive Land Rover Defender One Ten D300 SE. Flashing back to that moment, the luxury of this vehicle is undeniable, promising a lifestyle change for the lucky winner. Boyd’s enthusiasm is infectious, exclaiming, “It’s all about winning and traveling off-road in style!” 

Riding alongside Kim today is Professor Brian Gabrielli, a Mater superstar and cancer researcher. As they embark on a journey to the Eumundi Mountain Retreat, showcasing the Land Rover’s capabilities on and off the road. Brian expresses his surprise at the vehicle’s lush interior, highlighting its air suspension, all-terrain tires, and overall comfort. 

The adventure continues as they unhitch the caravan at the retreat’s lookout spot. Navigating the challenging terrain, the Land Rover proves its capability, and the breathtaking view from the top is truly magical. 

So the Land Rover is included in this prize package, but another huge element in this is the  

Essential C-Class Semi Off-Road Caravan, a prize that will find its way to one lucky winner.  

Brian marvels at its features, emphasizing that off-road adventures no longer mean sacrificing luxuries. With an external shower, slide-out barbecue, and dust pressure system, this caravan is designed for comfort and convenience. 

To sweeten the deal, Mater’s Cars for Cancer is offering $100,000 in cashable gold bullion, making the outlook even more enticing. What makes this draw truly special is that every cent raised goes to support Brian and his team in their crucial cancer research efforts. 

Brian shares the impact of Mater’s funding on ovarian cancer research, emphasising the importance of this draw in bridging funding gaps. By participating, not only do you stand a chance to win a life-changing prize package, but you also contribute to changing lives through medical research. 

The call to action is clear: with a first prize package valued at over $350,000 and each ticket helping to make a difference, there are countless reasons to support Mater’s Cars for Cancer.  

Tickets start from $30, and the draw closes on March 13. Head to to enter and be a part of this extraordinary journey of luxury, adventure, and hope. 

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