Meet the legends helping to look after Queensland’s waterways

Our beautiful bodies of water here in South East Queensland are not to be taken for granted. While we all do our best to look after these valuable parts of our ecosystem, there are community groups and volunteers donating their time to a greater cause!

Mary Lou Simpson founded the Oxley Common Carers about three years ago. ‘The Common’ lies in the catchment of Oxley Creek, a major Brisbane waterway stretching 70 kilometres through the city’s southwest. Mary Lou was a regular walker in the area and noticed the terrible plight of weeds overtaking the banks. Realising that she was somebody who could make a difference, she rallied up the troops and formed the Common Carers. Every Tuesday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., you’ll find a band of environmental warriors weeding and planting their way through the area.

“Our problem is to remove what is destroying the native vegetation without removing so much that the bird life disappears, because it’s a world-renowned birding site,” said Mary Lou. Since beginning the work, there has been a noticeable increase in native flora and fauna.

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The Habitat Brisbane program is an initiative by Brisbane City Council that helps community groups restore natural habitats in parks, remnant bushland, wetlands and along waterways. There are community groups dotted around Brisbane as part of this initiative. The Brushbox Bushcare Group works along Cubberla Creek in Chapel Hill. Their aim is to actively remove a range of woody weeds including Chinese elms and camphor laurels. The group is also planting along the creek line to provide much needed riparian habitat. You can find out which Habitat Brisbane group is working in your area here.

It’s thanks to the work that these groups are doing that we’re all able to enjoy our bodies of water here in South East Queensland–whether you’re cooling off on a creek, grabbing a kayak for a paddle on the river, or picnicking along the water.

Enoggera Reservoir was Brisbane’s original water supply and is as much a pristine body of water as it is a beautiful playground. Walkabout Creek Adventures have equipment available for hire for single or double kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, as well as mountain bikes.

So, you can really make the most of your day by the water!

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