Moreton Bay Shellfish Reef Restoration

The humble oyster is much more than a tasty treat. Oysters are an important part of our waterways. A single Oyster can filter 180L of water a day, they also take toxins and microplastics out of the water. When combined in a reef, they provide habitats for an abundance of fish species to live and breed.

Sadly, we have lost close to 95% of the shellfish reefs around Australia. But never fear! Robert Porter and OzFish are here to help!

“We’ve collected these oyster shells from commercial oyster shuckers and restaurants for the last 3 years. We dry them in the sun to sterilize them and put them in our baskets…We build them onsite out of mild steel mesh we fill them with our recycled oyster shells and then we put them back in the areas that used to have shellfish reefs,”  Porter tells us.

This year marks the start of OzFish’s Shellfish Revolution. They are aspiring to create hundreds of these baskets to bring fish life back into Moreton Bay. You can do your bit by heading to their website to join up or donate. Or you can also donate to the cause in your local BCF store.

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