A secret spot on Cassowary Coast – shhhhh!!

Queensland is huge and there are so many great destinations to explore, but if we were to give you a little tip – a small slice of paradise and one of the best kept secrets on the Cassowary Coast, would you go there?

Think rainforest, tropical beaches all to yourself and reef so close you can walk there on low tide. Sounds enticing!

Kurrimine, a small township of about 400, friendly locals, wonderful vibes- the place is stunning!

If you were to park up, and unhitch the van, this is where you’d want it to be-  The Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park. Glenda is the park’s manager and she says it’s the best place on the East Coast! “We’ve just got the most beautiful little spot here. It’s very uncommercialized, really laid back atmosphere. When you say close to the beach as a destination, it’s about 70 meters to the beach.”

With the beach so close, King Reef is only a few more footsteps away – at low tide you can walk out and if you’re lucky, catch your own crayfish!

Get out there and discover this great state of ours – what’s your secret spot?! Promise we wont tell anyone!

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