Pocket Money for Kids and their Tackle Gear

How great would it be to earn pocket money as an adult? Well, there is a way you can. And it’s easier than you think.

All it’ll take are a few aluminum, glass, plastic, steel and paperboard drinks… and you’ll be well on your way!

The Bottle Community is the local Containers for Change recycling depot on the Sunshine Coast. They’re open seven days a week, only closed public holidays, and they’ll even count out what you’re owed for a refund. You’ll mostly earn 10 cents per bottle and can.

It’s perfect for kids to take home some extra pocket money – it could even go towards their own tackle gear, so they can stop using yours!

Recycling will also help keep our waterways pristine – and so we can continue to use and fish off spots like the northern tip of Bribie Island off Golden Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s a short five-minute boat ride from the mainland – so that in no time you’ll be hooking up to a bread-and-butter species, like bream, whiting, or flathead.

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