Queensland’s Top 5 biggest burgers

Here at Creek to Coast, we’re always up for a challenge. Whether it’s climbing hills in our fourbie or not giving up a fight with a fish, challenging the crew to scoff down a 1-kg donut or continuing our quest to find Australia’s best pie… whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Recently our friends over at Queensland Weekender sat down to tick off Nindigully Pub’s burger challenge. We thought in honour of September 18’s #NationalCheeseburgerDay, we’d bring you our pick of Queensland’s biggest (and some of its best) burgers.

1. Nindigully Pub’s “Road Train Burger” Challenge 

Weight: 1.2-kg meat patty, total weight estimated at 5-kg

The tiny township of Nindigully is located on the edge of Queensland’s outback — about 560 kilometres west of Brisbane — and their burger’s name speaks for itself. In under six hours from the CBD, you and your closest mates could be there woofing down this giant hamburger — served with French fries, onion rings and a selection of sauces. They say it can feed up to six people and the meat patty alone weighs 1.2 kg! It’ll set you back $80. Reckon you could handle it? Our cameraman, Jed, tackles almost half of it in the video above.

2. Gympie’s Hell Town Hotrods “Fat Bastard” Burger Challenge 

Weight: 1.5-kg in total 

This 27-cm high monster is made up of 1.5 kg of beef, eight eggs, bacon, pineapple, onion, salad and comes with a side of chips — all for $45. The catch being… it’s a one-person challenge and you’ve got 45 minutes to finish it. And if you do – it’s free!

Photo by Gympie's Hell Town Hotrods.
Photo by Gympie’s Hell Town Hotrods.

3. Palmwoods’ Ricks Diner “Big One” Burger Challenge 

Weight: 1.1-kg in total 

The OG of big burgers is Ricks Diner’s “big one”. It’s a double serving of beef, bacon, cheese, eggs, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, pickles, beetroot, tomato relish and aioli. They say it takes two to tango, and it ain’t different for this beast. It even comes with the warning: “This item cannot be altered for structural reasons” — so we guess they mean serious business at Ricks.

Photo by @brandonsbites on Instagram at Rick's Diner in Palmwoods.
Photo by @brandonsbites on Instagram at Rick’s Diner in Palmwoods.

4. Mooloolaba’s Ninth Street “Double Dragon” Burger Challenge 

Weight: Not specified 

Two satay chicken fillets and three house-made spring rolls topped with house-made satay sauce… on a burger. If you’re tired of beef, kick it up a notch with this Asian-inspired “Double Dragon” burger challenge at Ninth Street in Mooloolaba. This American-styled restaurant is known for its delicious and crazy burgers, hot dogs and desserts… and they bring out a new special each month — stay tuned for the next one.

Photo by Ninth Street Mooloolaba.
Photo by Ninth Street Mooloolaba.

5. Blackbutt Bakery’s “Big Mack Pie”

Weight: It’s a pie – who cares? 

We’re a sucker for a good pie, so when Blackbutt Bakery bought out their “Big Mack” pie, it was hard not to put this bad boy on our list. It shares a similar name as a popular fast food burger, but the twist being instead of the meat being engulfed in between two buns, this “burger” is contained within sesame seed pastry — eh, pie… burger… same, same. We vote #pieger.

Cheeseburger pie at Blackbutt Bakery.
Cheeseburger pie at Blackbutt Bakery.

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Written by Sammy Cheney

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