Rev Head Paradise

Love cars? Consider yourself a bona fide rev head? Do you have the need for speed?

The City of Ipswich has a reputation for adrenaline-fuelled fun but if you want to live life in the fast lane and go full throttle get yourself to Queensland Raceway.

Imagine the chance to experience a Mustang GT or Chevrolet Camaro at top speed on a raceway. That’s exactly what’s on offer with the new Ultimate Supercar Experience.

Racegoers are first given the opportunity to hop in the driver’s seat with a professional by their side to coach. Then, should they choose to, switch to the passenger seat where the coach can show them what these machines can really do! What a thrill.

“The Camaro and the Mustang are essentially the same car just with a different body so the whole car is built to a motorsport specification,” said Queensland Raceway’s Rod Dawson. “It’s got full supercar brakes, full aero, exactly the same aero as what’s on the supercar, 530 Horsepower and top speed if you’re really having a crack probably up to 200 kilometres per hour.”

“It’s as close to the real thing as what anybody’s ever going to get to drive.”

The experience comes in a variety of combinations such as a 6, 9 or 12-lap package or combo. You can mix it up however you choose and be a driver for some and a passenger for others.

As well as the new Supercar experiences, the traditional V8 experiences are also still available and Queensland Raceway also puts on a number of events throughout the year.

“It is a multitude of motor racing sins,” said Rod.

So whether you’re a spectator or a speed demon, get yourself to Queensland Raceway in the City of Ipswich and put the pedal to the metal on your motorsport dreams.

A full list of events can be found on the Queensland Raceway page, as well as details on how to book your Supercar or V8 Experience.

Queensland Raceway
133 Champions Way, Willowbank
5461 9100

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