Creek Quiz: Bread and Butter Fishing

Rivers and creeks are where I’m sure most of us cut our fishing teeth. Soaking a few baits or trying our hands at lure fishing for anything that would bite.

There is a little bit more to our beloved Bread and Butter species than meets the eye! For example, would you know if a Whiting is closer related to a Cod or a Tuna? The answer is in the family of the Whiting. We won’t give it away though, you’ll have to watch the video and let Olivia tell you 😉

What about the ever-popular Flathead? They fight hard on the silly string, they grow XL and they taste superb with a bit of batter and chips. But aside from the dusky flathead, did you know there are waaay more species than you would expect? Olivia has the answer in the story.

Remember if you are keen to know more about any of the fishy species that we love to target, or more about anything outdoors for that matter, hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll let Olivia know.

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