Scotty’s PB Monster Tuna

The Fraser Coast is known for many big things.

There are the big annual visitors, the whales of course and big views across to Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. But did you know it’s also home to some monster fish, as Scotty Hillier recently discovered.

When it comes to putting you on the spot, Hervey Bay Sport and Flyfishing’s Andrew Chorley is a born and raised Hervey Bay boy and knows the Fraser Coast waters like the back of his hand.

After spotting the school, Andrew recommended using the Zman soft plastic, throwing it into the school, a couple of quick hops and then a fast burn.

And boy did his advice pay off with Scotty on with his first cast.

Typical tuna behaviour sees you get a few winds in and then the reel will scream off again and that will happen a few times.

Being a light line, you can’t muscle them, it’s simply a case of letting them run so it can be a few rounds of that before you bring in the fish. (Scotty’s total time came in at just under 40 minutes).

Aside from the amazing tuna, the waters of the Fraser Coast are a haven for so many species and according to Andrew, there’s a reason for that.

“Our diversity… overlap of northern and southern species, it’s great,” he said. “You get Long Tail one day, Snapper the next, it’s unbelievable.”

“You can get Cobia, Golden Trevally, Queen Fish, Spanish Mackerel, the list goes on.”

If you are keen for more than just a day on the water, Hervey Bay Sport and Fly Fishing have teamed up with Fraser Island Boat Charters.

This means you can actually stay on the water for a few nights on one of their two vessels, and Andrew will come and collect you from the yacht for a day of fishing. You can even take your catch back to the yacht with you for a BBQ dinner.

Scotty Hillier VS 1.2 metre Longtail Tuna FACTS

  • Total battle time: 36.5 minutes
  • Gear used: 1 ounce TT Jighead with 5 inch Zman Streakz Curltail lure in Electric Chicken
  • Region: off Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast
  • Charter: Hervey Bay Sport and Fly Fishing

All the gear used to catch Scotty’s PB Tuna is available at your local BCF so be sure to head over to stock up for your next big catch.

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