The Boating Lifestyle – What A Way Of Life!

Boating is a lifestyle that many dream of – imagine on the weekends, loading the family up, hitting the water and heading for any number of destinations.

Maybe it’s a day at Peel Island – a spot of fishing, letting the kids run wild on the sand, or having a BBQ. Perhaps it’s heading to Tipplers on Straddie for lunch or jetting over to Tangalooma for a swim in the salt. Whatever your motivation, there are so many great reasons to own a boat.

Brent Ferguson from Wynnum Marine knows his boats – he just lives and breathes the lifestyle and the places it’ll take you “One of the best parts about owning a boat is being able to pull up to the Manly Harbour Boat Club. This place is awesome. It’s just been renovated, It’s got a new rooftop bar you can pull up at the end of the day. Have a nice feed, cold beer. It’s a great place for the whole family.”

If you’re in the market for a new boat, his hot tip is to do your research – consider your lifestyle, the thing you do, and the places you like to go – that’ll determine your needs – “It’s a big process, so best to do your homework on your local waterways first and probably pair up something that’s going to suit that area. And then you can come in and visit us at the dealership – there are some really honest people there, to give you some really great advice about how to put you in a really good boat that’s paired to your family, so you have the best time out of the water”.

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