Caravanning Queensland Tow Rigs

Have you just bought a brand new car with the intention of using it to tow your dream caravan on that once in a lifetime trip round Australia? Sounds pretty good to us! But pump those breaks for a second, there’s no use setting off if your weights are off, and we’re not talking about over indulging on the pies and sausage rolls.

Knowing your vehicle’s GVM is very important when planning a big trip. If the car isn’t up to the task of safely towing your van  as well as being able to manage the mass you put in it, then you may need to look at a GVM upgrade.

The crew from Cruisemaster are self-confessed leaders in all-terrain towing technology – a great place to start if you’re unsure of your setup’s capability to tow safely and successfully. Andrew Goddard has been with Cruisemaster for years and recommends a few things if you’ve just bought a new vehicle.

“You can’t do a lot to upgrade the tow capacity on most vehicles, but it’s about what you can put in your vehicle whilst you are towing.”

He also has a tip for when you’re packing your caravan.

“When you’re packing up your caravan in particular obviously putting all your stuff in it for the trip, you’ve got the food, got the beers, got the kids toys. One thing people don’t consider is that they have 3 or 4 big water tanks underneath it, and that could add 3 or 400 kilos of water straight away you need to know where you start with the weight of your caravan before you load everything in”

So, do you know your vehicle’s GVM? How about the weight of that dream caravan you might want? If you need these questions or any others answered, why not give the Cruisemaster team a buzz, or head online to their website and Caravanning Queensland’s as well.

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