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Townsville Big Baits

It’s an age old question, do big baits catch big fish? Well wonder no longer, we’ve put it to the test for you.

Scott teams up with Andrew Mead from Aussie Barra Charters, and heads out 10 miles offshore from Townsville in the search of BIG Spanish Mackerel.

In his arsenal, Meady has a couple of Wolf Herring, just think of a normal herring, but quadruple the size and with teeth that rival your pet dog’s. Hence why they get their name.

Rigging the bait is relatively simple. One big single hook goes through the herring’s mouth, then a further 3 treble hooks are attached to the length of its back.

Meady runs a length of wire through each of the hooks, then just ties onto his leader, via a swivel.

No weights required, the bigger baits do tend to swim pretty well unweighted when trolling, but they can start to spin if you go too quickly.

The payoff though, is worth it. The boys get stuck into a couple of good sized fish!

All the hooks, trebles, and line you could ever need can be found at your local BCF. If using big dead baits isn’t your think, chat to the team members instore, because Mackerel can be caught in a handful of ways.

While in Townsville, can we recommend a stay at the Oaks Metropole. It sits a top a beautiful old pub, with views all the way out to Magnetic Island. Sounds pretty good to us!

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