Vision RV Road Trip to Surf Lakes Yeppoon

From the Gold Coast to as far as Port Douglas (if you know where to look) the east coast of Australia has surf breaks littered along its shores. If you like the green room, then you are truly spoilt for choice.

There are a few particular spots that require a little more grunt to get to. Many make the pilgrimage to Double Island Point…which in its day, produces some A-Grade waves.

Could we suggest a stay at Teewah Beach…and even better, in one of the new 19foot 6 Vision RV Hybrids. They’re built tough to Aussie conditions….meaning if you’re planning a bit of a surfing road trip to DI…then you will be sleeping in comfort and have the confidence that your van will be up to the challenge.

A newcomer to the Queensland and Australian Surfing community is the very exciting prospect of Surf Lakes… an artificial wave pool that is causing a splash amongst surfers from across the country…and the world. It’s like something out of a movie. With a symphony of industrial sound, the wave maker is powered up and down by compressed air. This generates a range of different waves, meaning surfers can try more than 4 different breaks in one session.

While it’s still only a development site, we’re assured by the Surf Lakes team that it won’t be long before they are open to the public. Get keen.

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