ARB Condamine Road Trip

Us Queenslanders have it pretty lucky that we can pack the car and hit the road for a weekend, and have any number of spectacular overnight spots at our doorstep. But to make that idea a reality, a properly decked out car will make life waaay easier for you.

Scotty recently hijacked an ARB boys weekend, to learn a thing or two about setting your car up to tour. Sitting with Lachie Brosnan in his road trip-ready 200 series, he says keeping it simple is a good start.

“You need somewhere to sleep, something to cook on and some shelter. So number 1 if you can have those things attached to your car, in a convenient slimline form, it’s so easy literally hit the key and go.”

For Scotty Jennings from ARB at North Lakes, it’s all about trusting good gear.

“At the end of the day we want to try and make sure someone has a great experience they’re not laying on the ground trying to fix a spring or a broken this or that the beer is cold in the fridge at the back so well and the eggs and the meat I suppose.”

As for a road trip route, can we recommend a scenic drive through the Scenic Rim! Starting with a stop off at Oppy’s in Boonah. The lovely Sandra has plenty of produce on offer, as well as a story or two!

And to check out the whole ARB touring range, jump online or hit up your local store.

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