Volunteer Marine Rescue

The VMR, or Volunteer Marine Rescue, is an association of like-minded men and women who dedicate their time, 24/7 to keeping us all safe on the water.   

There are dozens of VMRs along every coast in the country, all with incredibly able staff manning them, on the lookout for boaties in trouble.   

Thomas Grice heads up VMR Brisbane, based on the shore of Moreton Bay, just next to Cabbage Tree Creek. What an office! He says most recreational boaters get in trouble due to a lack of preparedness. For example, we need to remember to have plenty of fuel. A good tip is to take a third more than what you would normally require. So a third to get out, a third to get in and a third extra.  

Becoming a member of VMR has its perks! For $77 annually, VMR Brisbane offers a waterside assist service, where if you do come unstuck, you have free towing from them between Bribie and the NSW border.   

You can find all the details about VMR Brisbane on their website or Facebook page 

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