Queensland Caravan Parks are now open

What a whirlwind 2020 has been so far… but, the good news is, our beloved caravan parks in Queensland were given the all clear to re-open as of June 1 to leisure travellers and holiday makers… meaning you can now start planning your next trip to help support local tourism!

And while all parks have been in the same boat (see here for all caravan parks in Queensland),on this particular day we visited Noosa Caravan Park. Having closed their doors mid-March, Brooke and the team are just itching to have it full once again.

“We are ready, we really are. Pretty much through the whole year, we are at 70% capacity, so to see it like this is just an absolute shock. It’s very quiet, we’re getting a lot of work done, but we can’t wait to see everyone. You really realise how much you miss your guests,” Brooke said.

Many parks, like Noosa Caravan Park, have used this time to take a breather, get up to speed on some maintenance, and just do the things they ordinarily wouldn’t have the time to do. But, now that the gates are back open, if you’re thinking of booking – Caravan Queensland recommend to call ahead and check if there is anything you need to know before you visit.

As for the easing restrictions, families like The Fitzpatricks are just one of many excited. They recently picked up their first ever van and are ready and raring to set off on their first “Big Lap”!

“I think for us it’s kind of a case of sitting down, looking at the map, and gone right ok, there’s so many good spaces that we can go to! I mean we’re kind of spoilt for choice. Here in South East Queensland you can pick bush, beach or whatever you want and there’s always something within reach… it’s just going to be awesome.”  

So, if you’re feeling inspired to take your next trip, remember to plan, prepare and call ahead to speak with the caravan park you’d like to book with. Also check out the Caravanning Queensland website for the latest information.

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