The Mystical World of Wonky Holes: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve heard the term ‘Wonky Hole’ thrown out by an angler friend, you’ve probably raised an eyebrow. So, what actually IS a wonky hole?

A Wonky Hole is a freshwater spring that travels underground and pops up randomly offshore. Packed with freshwater nutrients, wonky holes become a hotspot for baitfish… and where there’s baitfish, there’s bigger fish!

Most popular for drawing in big red emperor, gold spot cod, and large mouth nannygai, wonkies can often be found near trawler wrecks, and were named by northern trawlermen who sometimes lost gear or capsized their boats near them.

These underwater wonders vary in size and depth, with some plunging down as far as 33 metres. While some wonky holes may stop flowing and fill in, they can become active again after a good wet season.

You can find wonky holes anywhere from Bundaberg north to Cape York, so if you’re heading that way, keep your eyes on your sounder!

Marine biologist Erin McGinty is no stranger to navigating wonkies. The free diving and spearfishing champion will often dive right down to spear a couple of big fish that are taking advantage of the underwater spring.

She nabbed a few Nannygai just the other day!

If you’re keen to follow along on Erin’s spearing exploits, including an upcoming comp where she’ll represent Australia, jump on over to her Instagram.

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