How to fit out your dual cab

Let’s face it, us Aussies LOVE our dual cab utes.

What were once cars for tradies have become more and more popular for their ability to tick so many boxes. They can be the perfect family car. Enough to two parents, three kids and plenty of space in the back. Modern cars too have made it even easier to adapt these cars into the school dropoff/shopping centre car park around town lifestyle. But they also have the ability to hit the open road and escape for the weekend, or longer if needed!

The team at ARB have noticed this increase in love for the humble dual cab, and have recently been fitting out loads of these cars with a raft of accessories to make them the perfect allrounder.

We were recently up Cape York with a raft of different vehicles. From big 200 Series cruisers, to fully worked 79 Series. But the dual cab love was certainly evident, with every second car being a Ranger, Hilux or D-MAX. One member of our convoy was Gary Woodhead from ARB at Jindalee. He brought his kitted our D-MAX along for the trip. Gaz’s pride and joy is his merlot dual cab 79 Series cruiser, but he wanted to bring his regular family car, the D-MAX along to show how versatile it can be.

“We fitted the old man emu BP51 suspension, ARB bar work and warn winches. Got a set of drawers in the back with the fridge 12volt power galore.”

“It’s literally a food shop and you’re on the road.”

You can find a full list of the kit Gary has put on his D-MAX below, and to kit your own family dual cab out, head online or in-store to ARB.

D-MAX kit

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