ARB Landcruiser Mountain Park Family Weekend

A weekend away with the family is one of the best ways to reconnect and recharge the mental batteries and planning one can be downright easy.

With so many beautiful spots in Queensland to choose from, the hardest part is deciding!

Landcruiser Mountain Park is about two hours from Brisbane in the town of Jimna, and it’s a great spot for a family 4WD and camping weekend.

Set on 10,000 acres with over 200 kilometres of 4WD track to choose from, you won’t be short on driving terrain. The camping’s unrestricted too so it’s just a matter of finding the perfect spot and setting up!

On the tracks, there are plenty of options for every experience level, from climbing hills to creek crossings, rocks and boulders.

Now we did mention a weekend away can be easy, but there is plenty of gear that can actually make it even easier.


These convenient swags provide warmth and comfort so you’re cozy even on the coldest of winter camping nights. Of course in summer, you can unzip the canvas for a full view of the night sky (behind the all-important mozzie netting of course).


With a removable internal fleece liner to keep you extra warm, it’s also handy for cleaning. You can even join two together if you need room for your partner.


ARB has an awning and light kit, for both shade and shelter in the daytime, and lighting at night. The material is a tough PU coated rip stop canvas, so you’re well protected and the lighting even has two different settings to match the mood.


It’s rare to find a camping fridge offering a fridge and freezer section at the same time meaning of course you can travel or stay for longer without the hassle of restocked too often. Available in two sizes, it makes any camping trip that much easier.


For the 4WD enthusiasts, the benefits of a system like this are limitless. The ARB Air locker is able to send equal drive to both wheels on an axle so you’re able to take advantage of the wheels that have traction to push forward.

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