Caring for your Camp Oven

Nothing beats a hearty camp oven cook up after a long day on the water, driving tracks or hiking around this great state. The best thing about a camp oven is their versatility.

From curries and stews, to puddings and even the old faithful damper, there’s not much the humble camp oven can’t do. But to make sure it keeps producing the goods time after time, there’s a few things you can do to keep it spick and span.

Tip 1 – don’t wash it with detergent.

Camp ovens are normally made with cast iron. Cast iron is like a very hard sponge, it has pores that expand and contract depending on heat. Those pores can catch any detergent, meaning your next curry will taste like soap. If you’re into that, go for your life, if not, we recommend just washing out your oven with hot water, and using a soft brush or paper towel to remove any chunks from last night’s cook.

Tip 2 – oil your oven after every use.

New ovens these days come “pre-seasoned” which is great! This means you can pull them straight out of the box and put them straight on the fire. But to maintain the quality of the oven, we recommend oiling your cast iron after you’ve washed it. Get any vegetable oil and put a small amount (no more than the size of a 50c piece) in the oven. Using a paper towel, spread the oil around all internal surfaces of the oven, including the lid. This not only keep the rust at bay, but also helps the oven retain its rigidity and ability to hold heat.

Tip 3 – keep your oven covered.

While camp ovens are tough as nails, they can be affected by the elements if they’re left out for a while. Cast iron can rust, and you don’t want your camp oven’s colour matching the red dirt you’ve just driven through. We recommend a canvas bag, so not a drop of water can find its way into your oven.

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