Chasing Bass on Lake Borumba after rainfall

Fish stocking associations can be our best friends, they take dams and reservoirs and turn them into a fisherman’s paradise! One body of water that has greatly benefited from stocking is Lake Borumba in the Sunny Coast hinterland, which is about an hour inland from Noosa. This body of water has been stocked with Yellow Belly, Saratoga, Perch, Mary River Cod and thousands of Bass.

We cruised around the edges of Lake Borumba with Scotty’s mate Callum Munro from Untapped Fishing Expeditions; if you want to catch bass, Callum is your man!

Callums’ knowledge is unrivaled in these waters. We slowly cruised nice shaded edges of the lake that have submerged wood, great habitat for the natural food of bass. We then casted towards the bank into the underwater structure, let it hit the bottom, with a slow roll back… and Callum’s advice definitely paid off!

Callum also recommends the hard-bodied vibes from BCF for Bass, especially The Jackal! These lures do an incredible job of grabbing the attention of bass and perform just like bait fish in the water.

So if you are thinking of chasing Bass, now is the time! With all the storms that have been brewing over South East Queensland, they’ve pushed new flow into water bodies like Lake Borumba, which washes bugs and nutrients into the edges of the lake, feeding the bait, and get the Bass excited and hungry!

If you want to grab The Jackal or any other bass fishing gear featured in this story, just head into your local BCF, or jump online, and also book in a fishing adventure with Callum Munro here.

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