Essentials for wet weather camping

Editor’s note: this article has been written by one of our Production staff who recently went camping on Double Island for a long weekend… in the rain. 

Recently I embarked on a long weekend trip to Double Island… well it was meant to be Friday to Monday, but turns out we only stayed for one night. The rainy weather got the better of our group of 12, and by our first morning there we were ready to go home. Fortunately, our only night camping was made easier and more bearable as we were prepared for the wet weather with the following five items.


A gazebo is a given on any camping trip to protect you and your group from the harsh Australian sun… but trust me, on a rainy ol’ night, a gazebo will be your best friend. And a gazebo wall is the icing on the cake when it comes to keeping the rain from coming in sideways while also acting as a wind break.

Bucket & Shovel

You may already have one of these handy for your morning business, but a shovel will be beneficial to dig a trench to lead water away from your campsite. And while there are multiple uses for a bucket when camping in the rain, you can also use the rainwater you have collected to shower in, wash the dishes or even act as a water bucket at the front of your tent to wash sandy feet!

Warm Clothing

This might not be something you’d think to pack if you’re camping on a summer night like we were… however, when it starts to rain, the wind picks up and you have-to run to the bush to do your business, it can get quite chilly pretty quickly. So by packing long sleeve clothing and water protective clothing, such as a rain-jacket, this will help you stop from shivering in your boots.

Lastly… a couple of cold ones 

This one, a given, but I couldn’t leave it out. Picture sitting back under your gazebo, dry and in your warm trackies. Nothing is better than listening to the sound of rain while drinking a cold one with great company.

Sure, the rain may dampen spirits and put limitations on what activities you can do while camping… but being prepared and acting fast all within the company of a few good friends will be sure to make for a memorable weekend!

Written by Lauren Donaldson

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