Checking out ARB Biggera Waters with The Explore Life

Matt Baker loves anything 4×4. He’s currently living the dream, touring around this great country of ours, producing content for his website come Youtube Channel, The Explore Life.

His story goes that he got fed up with a life on the tools, sold the house, bought a 76 Series Landcrusier and set off. Since then, he’s had a fair bit of work done to his pride and joy. With full ARB bar work, Intensity lights, Redarc electrics and battery management…it’s a fully kitted out touring machine.

However, anyone who knows anything about four-wheel drives will have a soft spot for the trusty 40 Series. So when Roger offered Matt the chance to take Dolly for a drive, you can guess Matt’s answer.

If you have your own cruiser needing a little love, or indeed grand travel plans in the future, hit up your local ARB store.