Gold Coast Waverunners

Head to the Gold Coast Broadwater on any particular day and you’re bound to see a few skis having a bit of fun.

GC Waverunners are one of the coast’s biggest distributors of these thrill machines, with a team equally as enthused to help find the perfect ski for you.

Dealer principal Chris Phillips is a lover of all things watersports from way back. He has been riding skis for more than 25 years and is a massive advocate for getting people out on the water and enjoying themselves.

These Waverunners are very versatile and there is a model for all lifestyles. For the speed demons amongst us, the Yamaha FX series of skis will certainly suffice. Powered by a four-cylinder, supercharged Honda engine, they go like the clappers. They also come with an option for additional seating, meaning the family can enjoy the thrill as much as you.

You’ll find GC Waverunners in Biggera Waters, just off Gateway Drive. Chris and the team instore are dedicated to finding you the right fit ski for your lifestyle.

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