Mats by Design

Ever wanted to just pack your bags and set out on the open road? Well, that’s exactly what the Oldham family – Simon, Shylah and Grace – are doing with their new pursuit, Talking Tourism.

“We’re doing a hundred locations over 24 months, the aim of which was to give back to the local independent tourism market,” said Simon. “So those that have been heavily affected with COVID, of course, the bushfires of late and now floods so they’ve really copped it pretty hard.”

“We’re doing a week in each location as we travel around the country.”

Creek to Coast joined the family as they enjoyed a weekend with mates at a private campground in Toorbul which they found through HipCamp.

“Through HipCamp we’re able to book some fantastic getaway spots that are off the beaten track that not everyone’s going to and that really just gives you that chance to reconnect, to get back to nature, and just enjoy yourself.”

So Simon’s advice when it comes to his tips for the perfect campsite?

”You don’t want to overpack but you don’t want to under pack either,” he said. “The sand-proof mats we love because at the end of the day they’re easy, they’re lightweight, one quick shake and away you go so just little things like that, obviously having your awning and your annex prepared and you can just set up and you’re good to go for that weekend.”

The mats Simon recommends are from Mats By Design. They’re eco-friendly recycled plastic mats that are sand proof, mudproof, compact to pack away and not to mention, really stylish!

“Camping isn’t just about camping anymore,” said Mats by Design owner Kylie Leslie. “It is about a lifestyle.”

“People are going on the road full time so to be able to make their camping setup more like their home and make it homely, give it that feel, that’s what we love about our product.”

Another advocate of the mats is Jody Cooper from Wild Boar, creators of hybrid caravans and camper trailers.

“We use the mats at every single show that we do,” she said. “We love them because when we’re out camping, they’ll keep the whole area nice and clean.”

“If you set up on the sand, the sand just falls straight through the mat and you’re keeping all the inside of your camper or caravan nice and clean.”

With quite the trip ahead of them, Simon will no doubt be loving the cleaner, neater camp site.

“Camping’s such a great activity,” Simon said. “Really it gets everyone together, us as a family as well and that chance to get out you know hike and kayak and fish and do all those outdoor activities that you wouldn’t otherwise get that chance to do.”

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